Tuesday, March 30, 2010

from frumpy to fabulous!

When I woke up this morning I felt so frumpy and dumpy. I'm one of those women who gains and looses the same 10-15 lbs every few months, and sadly I'm at the higher end right now. UGH. So, to make myself feel better I put on one of my absolute favorite outfits, and luckily I'd slept in foam curlers last night so my hair looked great, too. Whew! I feel a lot better now! Its warm but crazy windy today, so now that I'm home from work I've changed the skirt out for jeans since I'm taking my son to his first t-ball practice. I'm really, really hoping the Barenaked Ladies album arrives via UPS before we leave to go to practice!

Yesterday I trimmed my bangs, and I'm actually kind of liking them. I always wore bangs growing up (I have a freaking huge forehead), but my husband says he hates bangs. However, he tells me how cute they are on me pretty often, so I guess he's either gotten used to them or decided I'm the exception to the rule. Anyway, I've been wearing my bangs long and side-swept, and this is a bit of a bolder look - but I think I like it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cute outfit

I like this outfit - it was good for running errands on this pretty but chilly Saturday morning. I love the little bit of purple in this skirt, and I bought the skirt a year ago but have never worn it because its too short - not appropriate for work and too short to be comfortable in when I'm out running about with the kids. But it works great over skinny black jeans!

A messy up-do is my favorite hairstyle right now:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love, love, love

I absolutely love everything about this outfit: the kimono style dress with touches of turquoise, my peacock feather headband, my wooden and turquoise bead necklace, the funky shoes, how it looks with my jacket all zipped up... everything!

Interview Outfit

I think this outfit really looks better in person...

church last week

I'm only a week behind on posting pictures...!

This is what I wore to church last week, I rather like this outfit. The skirt is gorgeous, I got it at a thrift store. The tuxedo top is from Ross, and the shoes were thrifted. I liked pairing the more stylish and edgy leather jacket with the modest blouse and skirt. Nude fishnets finished the outfit out nicely, I thought.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Love the pictures!

Okay, I'm convinced - I will be doing my pictures outdoors if at all possible from now. Just the difference between the last pictures and these is astounding.

I like this outfit - the top is made from a '30s reproduction fabric, the brand is Vintage DCC Missy and my mom got it for me at a thrift store. The jeans are from Old Navy, and the boots are Laredo. The denim jacket is Halogen, and it was thrifted, too. Its too small to button up, I think it looks okay not buttoned, but maybe it just looks to everyone like I'm wearing a too-small-coat?

I wore my hair up in a messy bun with one of the gorgeous hairsticks my husband makes (and we sell on our Etsy shop!) and with a fake piece that has blue hair. It matches my hair perfectly, everytime I wear it people who know me freak out a little about me having blue hair. What's funny is that people are so shocked, but when my kids were little I did have pink and blue ends on my hair! Since I'm working now I don't anymore.

Job Interview

So, I have a job interview on Monday for a job I really want! Its for an event coordinator at a local (huge) university. My mom works in another department at the University and she says the event coordinators that her department hires are always young fashionable women. I'm hoping this outfit will fit the bill! Its shiny black slacks, a tuxedo jacket with shiny black trim, a tight gray shirt (no collar, runching on the sides), and black heels. My sister says I should wear the heels I wore to church on Sunday instead, and I can't decide if they would draw too much attention. I'm hoping that this outfit says stylish and sophisticated, my husband liked it but said it was almost too sexy, and it does have fitted trousers and a fitted jacket - but there's basically no skin showing anywhere... what do you think?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Compliments galore!

I got tons and tons of compliments on this outfit today! I think that pink and brown are a good color combination for me. And everyone went nuts over these shoes! I found them at a thrift store last week for $3.50, and I love them though I find them hard to walk in. Much harder than regular heels! They are Bolaro brand, my shirt is Rampage (thrifted), the skirt is B. Moss (thrifted), and the jacket is Gap (consignment store) - however, looking at the picture I don't think this style jacket is very flattering on me. I'm still loving my nude fishnets, too!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

LOVE these shoes!

So, the shoes really make this outfit. The dress is from Fashion Bug, I'm wearing thigh-high hose, a black leather jacket when I was outside, and carrying a black leather purse. But, the shoes, oh! the shoes! I got them at a thrift store on Friday for $2, and I don't think they'd ever been worn. They are a little tight on me, but I'm hoping they'll loosen up a bit with some wear. Since I wear a lot of black and gray, these will match tons of my outfits! they are more of a winter and fall style shoe, but I'm hoping to get to wear them a few more times before the weather really gets warmed up.

By the way, I did henna on my hair yesterday and it was quite a flop. Usually I get a really nice warm red sheen when I henna my hair, but this time it turned out as a warm dark brown - maybe half a shade darker and a touch warmer than my natural color. I like the color fine, but am bummed I don't have my sassy red highlights.

Dancing the night away

On Friday night the kids, my sister, and I went to a local bluegrass jamboree and it was so much fun! We danced and danced and danced and had a great time! I wore this sweater dress (another thrifting find!) and these leggings/thigh highs that Erin gave me because they didn't work for her. They definitely rolled down unless I wore my garter belt - but it was fun to go out dancing wearing garters! I was trying to show them off in this picture, but my daughter had to jump in - somehow garterbelts are little less sexy when worn by a woman with a 4 year old hanging on her leg. I'm not really sure what I think of these leggings that leave part of the foot exposed... I can't decide if they're too close to stirrup pants! They were comfy, though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another thrifting succes!

So, if you're wondering why 90% of my outfits the last few weeks have been boots, skinny jeans, and sweaters - this is why! This is what my yard has looked like since mid-December. BUT, its supposed to get into the 60s next week, so maybe I'll actually see grass again soon. And then I might get to wear skirts, dresses, and high heels more often! These are truly ugly snowboots, btw, but my other black boots got a hole in them (I got them for $4 at Goodwill last year and wore them constantly this winter, so I definitely got my money's worth!) so I'll be wearing these until the snow melts. My usual A.N.A. jean leggings, a nice lacy camisole top (thrifted, Rampage), and a wonderful soft, warm orange sweater (thrifted, J. Crew) that I just got this weekend. The ugly boots are from Walmart. I am wearing an awesome necklace my sister made me - a snitch!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Master Thrifting

I have seriously become a Master Thrifter the last couple of years! I found two gorgeous sweaters, a beautiful sweater dress, and a vintage slip this weekend. This was one of the sweaters, and I really love it. I need to find some way to make it a little more exciting, but its good for times when I need to look more professional. Though I probably shouldn't pair it with skinny tight-ass jeans again, especially when I'm giving a presentation at local PTA meetings. (oops!) I did get one comment from someone I was meeting for the first time, but who gets emails from me through the system, about how she wouldn't have guessed I was "so young!" I don't think I am that young, though - I'm 30. Not old, mind you, but not a youngun' anymore. You know? This sweater is a B. Moss, the jeans are A.N.A., and the I have no idea what the boots are and am too lazy to go dig them out of the closet now... I'm loooking awfully hippy in this picture, but I'm working on it. I hit the gym this morning and am working on loosing weight.

By the way, how in the world do those of you in glasses get pictures without glare on the lenses? (Erin at Work With What You've Got, I'm looking at you!) I have the anti-reflective coating on mine, but it doesn't seem to make much difference!