Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more pink

Well, I'm not as thrilled with this outfit. I truly have probably tried on close to 100 pairs of pants this month to try to find some that fit my waist, hips, and thighs all at the same time, and this is the pair of khakis that won. However, the looser cut of the pants and the light jacket and the ruffled shirt under add too much bulk to my frame, I think. I think I'll try to wear these slacks with a more fitted top, and this jacket with more fitted pants in the future.

fabulous new skirt

I just love this skirt! Its such a fun mix of contradictions - its a traditional tweed, but its bias-cut and has a slight flare. Plus, it has a bit of pink in it and I've been in a pink-mood this week. Its not the most flattering length, but I think it would look better with higher heels. I wore these because I was going out for a date-night with my husband right after a super intense workout at the gym and my calf muscles couldn't handle my super high heels!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Churcy-centered day

We went to church this morning, then back to church tonight for a musical performance and potluck. I wanted to be dressed appropriately for church, but also comfortable since I'd be in my dressy clothes all day and be wrangling my kids all day, too. I think this fit the bill pretty well. These are the same pants from yesterday, but I washed and dried them on high heat so they shrank just a touch and they fit a little better (I still have a majorly gap-y waist, though). The shirt I found at a thrift store last week and almost didn't try it on, but I'm very glad I did! And, I'm again doing the red boots and red purse - I just love the way they pep up an otherwise plain and sensible outfit.

Night out

Last night my sister and I went to a local singing performance. I knew I'd probably run into several people I knew in high school, so I wanted to look snazzy. I like this outfit! The pants are new (on clearance at Target for $6.50). I have this major problem with finding pants that fit... My waist and hips are about a size four, and my thighs (thanks to weightlifting) are a size 8. I'm trying to figure out if I can take in the waist of these pants myself, or if I'll just mess them up. (I'm quite the seamstress, but I don't do a lot of clothes.)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

do my shoulders look fat in this?!

So, I'm very into weight-lifting. I've been lifting since June and I do hardcore weight lifting - not barbie dumbells. I'm talking 115 lb barbell squats, doing rows with 25 lb dumbells in each arm, 80 lb lat pulldowns... so, pretty serious. And I LOVE the definition I have in my shoulders and arms now. (I'm slightly less thrilled with my big muscular thighs, but I think as I loose more bodyfat I'll be happier with them.) Anyway, usually I like the way clothes look now that my shoulders are wider than my hips, BUT this shirt really makes me look boxy and huge-shouldered. I love the fun, funky print and I especially liked pairing it with my fun galoshes... but I'm just not sure if its really flattering to my upper-body shape... I'll have to ponder this one.

Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently! With Christmas approaching, my time is getting divided up more than usual - I make a lot of the Christmas gifts we give each year.

Church to Date!

I managed to find an outfit that with just a very small tweak, goes from church-appropriate to hot-for-date-night! The shawl conceals how crazy-deep the v-neck is, and I got compliments at church on my outfit. And, on our date, my husband was enthralled with my sexy dress! Success all around! I would have liked to have worn some open-toed high heels, but it was about 20 degrees and really windy, so I went with these shoes that would keep my toes a bit warmer.

another pair of pants GONE!

So, I love the idea of these pants - I know that wide leg and high-waisted is kind of an offbeat trend... but I think that once you've had a couple of kids, they just become "Mom Jeans!" So, I wore them the other day, and then put them in the box for goodwill. With regular jeans I think the outfit would look okay, but it doesn't really "pop!" - you know?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Portrait

First of all, isn't my husband unbelievably HOT?!

Secondly, we did include the kids in the most of the pictures, of course, but I don't think I want to share their pictures here. Plus, in those pictures you can't see my sexy red shoes! We all wore red and black. (If anyone remembers, this is a different red top than I had originally planned on wearing, but I found this one at a thrift store yesterday and felt it was more winter-y.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a re-do

I like this shirt/scarf combo so much last week I decided to wear it with jeans (instead of trousers) today. I like it this way, too - dressed down a bit, but a nice way to wear jeans without looking the least bit sloppy.

really - it was better in person!

Boy, I look like a huge dork here! I think the messy bun doesn't photograph well... plus, I have anti-glare lenses, but something about the angle my hubby photographs me at always gets a ton of glare! I liked the way that the shoes and purse picked up the red in the shirt. And these are the same slacks as in the previous picture, I'm hoping this is just a bad angle and I don't always look this hip-y in them! LOL

not as harsh as it looks!

I don't think this outfit looked quite as harsh in person... I like the combination of grays and blacks. The shirt is black, the sweater a medium gray, and the slacks are a very dark gray. With black boots.