Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm back!

So, I haven't posted in forever, and it can be boiled down to three reasons:
1- My husband was working out of state M-F every week from May-Aug. No one to take my picture each day!
2- Since my husband was gone, I've not had time to blog because I've been single-moming it.
3- I've felt really faaaa-aaaaaat lately and when I do get a picture taken, I totally cringe at it. It sucks. BUT, I'm going seriously hardcore on loosing weight now because we're having a photographer come do family portraits for us at our house in November and there is NO WAY I'm spending hundreds on pictures I can't stand to look at. So, I must get back to the weight I'm comfy at - which is sadly 25-30 lbs less than I weigh now. So, working out every day + super-light eating = cute Jen soon!

I liked this outfit, I felt like a bad-ass! And it is HARD to feel like a badass when you are a stay at home mama!! The top is thrifted and I can't remember the brand and its in the dirty clothes basket in the other room, where my husband is sleeping, so it'll just have to stay forgotten. The jeans were a lesson in why snobbery does not pay off. I needed a couple pairs of jeans to get me through till I can fit into all my faves again, and Monday (while the kids were in school) I decided to on an epic journey to find some. First, I hit the thrift store and tried on several "good" brands - Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Battery Park... and none of them fit right and/or felt good. Then I tried Target. I like their new style system - different cuts, different fits. However, even their "short" sizes were too long. I am NOT that short - I'm 5'4" - but even with heels I would have had to hem the pants. And what is the point of spending only $20 on jeans if you have to go home and spend time sewing them?! Finally, I tried on a couple pairs at Walmart and they were perfect! The faded glory $12 petite straight cut jeans were EXACTLY what I wanted. Go figure! I got one black pair and one dark blue pair. The boots are thrifted, too - I love a good 4 inch heel!

The picture totally washed out my face, which was a shame since I loved my makeup today! Do yourself a favor and go buy an eyebrow pencil NOW. They are amazing! I never used one because I have fairly heavy brows, but its so easy to get the perfect arched-look using the pencil! I love it!


Erin said...

1. You are a doofus.
2. You are not fat. Instead you look gooood. And I see you all the time, so I know.
3. You look extra good in this outfit. Sharp girls in black for the win! (for those who don't know, I wore black yesterday too!)
4. You are crazy wearing shoes like that.
5. Your makeup always looks good, and you are very lucky I haven't drawn a mustache on your face while you're sleeping.
6. I love you, Sissy. But not your little dog, too.

Melissa said...

You really don't look like you have 25-30 pounds to lose. But I know how it feels to want to lose weight and feel like you look bad. My only suggestion is to lift weights. You might gain "weight" but it will be muscle and that muscle will burn calories all day long so you'll also lose fat. Cardio can't work that well! :)

I love your top! Thrusting is great and I'm also a huge fan of wal-mart petite clothes. Perfect lengths!

Jen said...

Erin - You're the best, I love you. Mwa!

Melissa - I've gained 30 lbs in the last three years. I'm actually 40 lbs over what I weighed in college. Granted, I didn't eat when I was in college... Anyway, I LOVE weightlifting! Have you ever read The New Rules of Lifting for Women? Its wonderful, and it completely changed the way I work out a couple years ago. I lift 2-3 times a week and really push myself. I also do cardio every day because I enjoy it - I love the runner's high, even though I don't particularly love running. I do a 30 minute walk/run interval workout every morning with my dog, and then usually either do a 60 minute bikeride or a 30+ minute workout on the elliptical at the gym.