Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bright Red Streaks

I decided I wanted to add a little drama to my look, so I put some bright red streaks in my hair:
Now I work part time for the local school system, and they're pretty lax about this type of thing so I wasn't worried about it. However, I'm also on the substitute teacher list and I do try to dress pretty conservatively when I sub - but I hadn't gotten called in a couple of months. Since doing this to my hair I've gotten called 5 times in a week and a half! I only ended up subbing 3 of those days, but I did find pretty good ways to camouflage it and still look quite stylish!
The whole outfit was one of my recent favorites!


Melissa said...

I LOVE those red streaks. Love 'em! And the scarf in the hair is super cute!

Erin said...

And OF COURSE this all happened after you gave all your head scarves to me! This weekend you need to raid (re: take back) some of them.