Monday, October 4, 2010

Church and craft fair

Yesterday I went to church, out to lunch with the fam, and then to a quilt show and arts and craft fair. There's so much gorgeous jewelry and hair accesories at the local craft fair that I always like to dress with those pieces in mind so I won't be tempted to buy too much more! This was the first time I'd worn this fascinator - I bought the supplies with this dress in mind! The dress is a twenty-one thrifted piece, and I really like it. I also love that in cold weather I have a reason to wear my nude fishnets more often - seriously, they are a million times more comfortable and stylish than pantyhose! The necklace is a tiger's eye strand doubled and twisted, and I added my faux suede purse and platforms to complete the outfit. (I will admit I took lower heels for walking through the fair.)

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Erin said...

And wearing my own fascinator you made me I got tons of compliments! And it's not quite as drop-dead gorgeous as this one!